Medical Consultant Interview

Consultant interview course for doctors from Oxford Medical. Small group prep with an NHS consultant. Video mock interview plus online material. 8 CPD pts.

The essential 1-day course designed and delivered by NHS Consultants. Ideal if you are a senior doctor preparing for a consultant interview. Courses most weekends in our Virtual Training Rooms.

1-day interactive course

Coaching by an experienced NHS Consultant

Maximum 6 delegates per course

Up to date info and interview strategies

Mock interview, video recorded (optional) with personal feedback

Comprehensive course guide book

Access to a wealth of online support materials

An attendance certificate will be emailed and will be given 6 CPD points.

Section 1: Lectures

Lesson 1: Introduction to Medical Consultant Interviews in the UK
5 min

Overview of the Medical Consultant interview process

Importance of the interview in career progression

Key stakeholders involved in the interview process

Expectations and requirements for Consultant positions

Lesson 2: Preparing for the Interview

Reviewing the job description and person specification

Understanding the competencies and skills required for the role

Researching the hospital/clinic and its values

Preparing a professional portfolio and supporting documents

Lesson 3: Common Interview Questions and Answering Techniques

Types of interview questions (e.g., competency-based, situational, clinical)

Structuring your answers using the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result)

Addressing clinical scenarios and ethical dilemmas

Demonstrating leadership, teamwork, and communication skills

Lesson 4: Presentation Skills for Medical Consultant Interviews

Importance of effective presentation skills

Preparing a concise and engaging presentation

Tips for visual aids and supporting materials

Handling questions and comments from the interview panel

Lesson 5: Managing Interview Anxiety and Building Confidence
Lesson 6: Mock Interviews and Feedback
Lesson 7: Post-Interview Reflection and Follow-up
The course is designed for medical professionals seeking to advance their careers by applying for consultant positions in the UK. It is suitable for doctors with relevant experience who want to improve their interview skills and increase their chances of success in the competitive selection process.
The course duration may vary depending on the institution offering it. Typically, the course can be completed in one day, with each lesson lasting about 45 min-1 hours.

The candidates can check the dates, time and location of the courses which will be given on a regular interval. 

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